The YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award is a flagship leadership program of YSN-ASM. The term “Chrysalis” refers to “a transitional stage of life when undergoing a transformation between the immature and mature stages”, in analogy to the process that postgraduate students (pupal) undergo that culminate in successful graduation as competent researchers (butterfly). We aim to identify and nurture promising PhD candidates to be the future pillars of our Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) ecosystem. Selected YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award Finalists whom will experience continuous support and mentoring for the next five years after the program. This step is to ensure that these finalists are empowered to be outstanding researchers who will contribute towards Malaysia’s STI ecosystem. In recognition for their talents, we will award RM 10,000 cash prizes (in total) for the top three winners for their professional development. Suitable candidates will also be recommended to prestigious fellowships or internships in reputable institutions and establishments.  

  1. To identify and recognise the talents of promising future researchers in Malaysia.
  2. To develop and nurture these future researchers to fulfil their potential.
  3. To empower these future researchers in alignment with the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) outlook of Malaysia.
  1. Undergo extensive training with experts from industries and academia to be future science leaders.
  2. Mentoring programme with YSN-ASM Members and Industry
  3. Open to other dimensions of research which synergise multidisciplinary research collaboration.
  •       Malaysian citizens aged 35 years and below at 1 January 2021.
  •       Final year PhD students studying in Malaysia
  •       Research expertise falls within (but not limited to) the following domains:
    • Engineering Sciences
    • Medical and Health Sciences
    • Physical and Chemical Sciences
    • Biological, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    • Science and Technology Development Industry
    • Social Sciences and Humanities

Our aspiration for the Chrysalis Award is not only to build the talents and skills of our young scientists to positively impact the STI ecosystem, but also to inculcate the spirit of giving back to our society. 

The journey of this leadership programme is divided into four stages: 

(1)   IDENTIFY: Shortlisting of Fifteen young scientists as YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award  Finalists.

(2) DEVELOP: Development of these YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award Finalists through training modules organised by YSN-ASM to bolster relevant transferable skills and networking with outstanding local scientists.

(3)   RECOGNISE: Recognising Three winners for the YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award. These Finalists are shortlisted based on their demonstration of knowledge, enthusiasm, leadership, creativity, teamwork, presentation skills, and performance throughout the workshops and pitching programme.

(4)   EMPOWER: Invitation to all YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award Finalists and Winners to contribute to the STI ecosystem through YSN-ASM activities for the following years.

  • 15 February 2021

    Opening of the new call for YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award.
  • 15 March 2021

    Application for YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award will be closed.
  • 15 April 2021

    Shortlisted YSN-ASM Chrysalis Award Finalists will be contacted via email. All finalists must commit to attend all virtual workshops. Schedule will be given to all finalists.
  • May – October 2021

    Online Skills Development Workshop Series
  • August 2021

    Online Proposal Preparation Workshop Series
  • November 2021

    Grand Finale & Award Ceremony
  • 2022-2024