YSN-ASM Membership Application

Criteria for membership

  • Criteria for selection of Member include all of the following
    • A Malaysian citizen
    • A PhD or an equivalent degree in natural and physical sciences or equivalent research experience of at least five years
    • Scientific excellence, ascertained by proven track record
    • Envisage to make a difference in society
    • Age 45 years old and below (Age limit: Maximum 42 years old at the time of application)
  • Members of the YSN-ASM will be selected for one term of three years with possibility of reappointment subject to other criteria (Term limit: Maximum 45 years old). The member must submit the evaluation form at the end of their 3rd year to be evaluated and reappointed
  • Selection priority will be given to individuals who have participated in at least one ASM programme
  • Vetting and selection of YSN-ASM Member will be carried out by the special selection committee chaired by the vice president of ASM
  • Final approval and appointment of YSN-ASM Member will be by the ASM Council

Membership benefits

  • Increase networking and collaborations among distinguished young scientists of Malaysia and abroad
  • Able to play a role in shaping the future of science, and voice changes for science policies
  • Recognition for excellence and distinguished achievement, and as a prestigious award
  • Subsidiary for events organized by ASM
  • Priority to be appointed as editorial board committees members, reviewers and priority to publish in ASM publications
  • Access to ASM’s and affiliated centralized facilities
  • Free e-copies of ASM publications

Membership Application Process

  • Early of year - June

    Open for Application.
  • July

    Verification and Evaluation processes by the Secretariat.
  • August

    Call for interview & Interview session
  • September

    Approval by ASM Council
  • October

    Issue appointment letter
  • December

    Certificate Presentation at YSN-ASM Colloquium