Science Outreach

Science Outreach

Chair     : Chm. Dr. Sheela Chandren

Co-chair: Dr Nor Ain Husein


Our Science Outreach team works closely with all YSN members and affiliates in line with the objectives outlined as below:

  1. To promote interest and awareness in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) among the youth and the public
  2. To instill scientific thinking in problem solving and to inspire the young generation to be future research leaders

Junior Science Artist Competition

Good news for junior artists!!!👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 Announcing the “Junior Science Artist Competition” by YSN-ASM and Akademi Sains Malaysia.
This competition is open to all Malaysian with the theme “After Pandemic, My Future with Science and Technology”, we invite you to submit your most creative work to us.
Category A: 7-9 years old (Born between 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2012)
Category B: 10-12 years old (Born between 1 Jan 2011 to 31 Dec 2009)
Competition period: 7 September 2021 to 15 October 2021
For more information and to submit, click here
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Activities overview

1 Health Science Exploration 26-28 December 2017 National Science Centre National Science Centre, Faculty of Health Sciences, UKM
2 Luaskan Inovasimu 6-7 April 2018 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Segamat, Johor ASM, In conjunction with Minggu Sains Negara
3 Karnival STEM @ Da Men Mall, Subang Jaya 6-8 April 2018


Da Men Mall Subang Jaya National STEM movement,

MACRI and MIMOS Bhd  in conjunction with Minggu Sains Negara

4 Minggu Sains Negara 6-10 April 2018 National Science Centre National Science Centre
5 Kem Hero Sihat 6-8 July 2018 SMS Tuanku Jaafar, Kuala Pilah Ministry of Education, Malaysia
6 National Science Challenge Penang State Level Science Outreach 11 July 2018 Universiti Sains Malaysia ASM
7 Unimakers Northern region bootcamp 21-22 July 2018 Universiti Sains Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) and Northern Corridor Industrial Authority (NCIA)
8 APTJSO 30 July 2018 Universiti Putra Malaysia
9 Young Makers Program 11-12th October (Young Makers bootcamp)

20th October (Final competition Young Makers Program)

Universiti Sains Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE), Northern Region ASM
10 Unimaker Makerthon 22nd September 2018 Universiti Sains Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE),Northern Corridor Industrial Authority (NCIA), USM, UNIMAP, UITM, UUM
11 KLESF 1-3 November 2018 Mines Exhibition Centre
12 Penang International Science Fair 10-11 Nov 2018 Penang SPICE Arena American Chemical Society, Penang Science Cluster
13 Jr Scientist 21 November 2018 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Ministry of Education, Malaysia, Faculty of Health Sciences, UKM
14 Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX) 28-28 Nov 2018 Universiti Teknologi Petronas Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Activity 1

Health Science Exploration at National Science Centre (26-28 December 2018)

In accordance to school holiday (26-28 December 2017), Science Outreach (YSN-ASM) with collaboration of Unit School@FSK UKM (Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) lead by Dr Razinah Sharif had managed to successfully held an exhibition on health sciences at the National Science Centre. Besides promoting science among kids by using interactive way, the team also tried to inculcate STEM based learning plan by using health sciences module. This is a success among the kids, parents and school teachers.

Impact: Around 3000 visitors each day had come by to our exhibits to try on our interactive exhibits and service that being offered. Among the services are, body fat and hand grip test, lip printing for forensics, optometry for kids and physical activity for both parents and kids and many more! We hope that this collaboration will be continued on to maximize the impact for STEM inculcation as well as to make YSN-ASM to be more visible among the community as the prominent science body in Malaysia.

Activity 2

Science Outreach at SMKA, Johor (6-7 April 2018)

A two-day event themed Luaskan Inovasimu was organised in conjunction with the Minggu Sains Negara, Johor State Level at the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA) Segamat, Johor on 6-7 April 2018. YSN-ASM member and affiliates together with other university lecturers/students were participated in science lectures and interactive learning activities related to physics, chemistry, biology and mathemathics.  More than 500 students, school teachers, parents and general audiences attended the knowledge-sharing session and they showed due attention to these interesting science lectures. This event aimed to nurture student’s interest in science and enabled science learning by experiences beyond the official classroom. The activities were arranged as such to stimulate active learning, activate student’s minds and enrich experiential learning in discovering science knowledge. Thus, student can extended their learning process from the knowledges that have been learned from school. The activities should also assisted and changed student’s perspective towards better practise of science learning.

Activity 3

Karnival STEM @ Da Men Mall, Subang Jaya for “Minggu Sains Negara” 6th-8th April 2018


In conjunction with Minggu Sains Negara 2018 (1st– 8th April 2018), the Young Scientists Network of Malaysia (YSN-ASM, under the drive of the Science Outreach Working Group) has participated in STEM Karnival @ Da men Mall and successfully conducted a STEM program at the said state event of Selangor from 6th to 8th April, 2018. Members Shawn Keng, Tan Choo Hock and Lee Tze Yan were present to lead and facilitate the activities at YSN-ASM booth during the event at Da Men Mall, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Program and activities:

The program was conducted in collaboration with scientists and research students from the University of Malaya and the University Putra Malaysia, with the aim to promote interests in STEM among Malaysian students. Two modules were conducted during the event under the flagship of YSN-ASM, as described in the following section:

Module: “Snakes, venoms and you”

Team: Dr. Tan Choo Hock (YSN-ASM & UM), Dr Tan Kae Yi and research students from Vetox Lab, FOM, UM as facilitators.

  • Visitors including parents, teachers and students were encouraged to reflect and share their impression of a snake.
  • Posters on various aspects regarding snakes and venoms (e.g. types of venomous snakes, effects of venom, antivenom development and use) were exhibited. Explanation was provided to visitors by facilitators.
  • Games on (a) Know your snakes; (b) Search for cure. Exhibition of snake antivenoms was involved.
  • Pamphlets about facts of snake venoms, myths, “Do’s and Don’ts” in snakebite, were distributed.

Module: “Bird Research and Conservation in Malaysia”

Team: Dr Puan Chong Leong (YSN-ASM, UPM) and research students from Faculty of Forestry, UPM.

  • Exhibition of an eagle model, pictorial books and scientific publications on bird studies.

Posters regarding bird research and conservation in Malaysia were exhibited. Explanation was provided to students, teachers and parents by facilitators.

Activity 4:

Magic of Physics in collaboration with Minggu Sains Negara

With “Magic or Physics” hands on workshop, participants watched all the ideas and experiments that couldn’t find in the school laboratory and curriculum. Another module conducted is on iRays whereby participants is engaged with concept of radiation and physics as well as imaging. They did self-cancer test and exposed to interactive module on these topics.

Activity 5:

Kem Hero Sihat

This bootcamp focusing on health sciences is first to be held with collaboration from Ministry of Education, Malaysia. The idea is to train them in research innovation and expose them to the field of health sciences. This program will not be the only program and it will involve all other region in Malaysia. This time around, we will focus on southern and central region.

Special Slot with Young Scientist Network

This slot is handled by Dr Razinah Sharif with 3 YSN panellist : Dr Kenny, Dr Faeza and Dr Nadiah. They shared their story and inspiration to be a successful scientist and this session will be very informal. This slot is to bridge the gap between academician and school students.

Career Pathway as a Scientist (YSN Members and Affiliates)

This forum will be handled by Dr Dr Razinah Sharif which is the affiliate of Young Scientist Network and head of Sekolah@FSK UKM. Panel involved are Dr Kenny, Dr Faeza and Dr Nadiah. With this combination of panel, this forum aimed to focus on career development as a scientist in Malaysia and the future of it.

CSI in School

CSI in School will be handled by Forensic Science Program, UKM which will expose the students to forensic science and integrated approach to solve a crime by using physics, biology, general science, mathematics and other related knowledge. This module aimed to expose the students and teachers for an interactive way of learning science. Various experiments will be conducted including finger printing, lip printing, ballistic, blood tracking and others.

Health Sciences : What do you need to know

This slot is designed to be a question and answer session where the students can ask questions related to health sciences. This program involved all lecturers and YSN members working in health sciences.

Explore Health Science (Explorace)

This explorace is handled by unit Sekolah@FSK with various checkpoints. Each checkpoint represent different program in health sciences being offered in Faculty of Health Sciences. Objective of this slot is to expose the students on the world of health sciences by using more interactive heutagogy method.

Jr Scientist

This slot is handled by Dr Razinah Sharif dan Dr Hanis Mastura Yahya (YSN affiliates/FSK UKM) that has produced number of modules and innovation in health sciences. Objective of this slot is to train the students on how to discuss innovation ideas with the help of mentor (UKM lecturers and YSN members/affiliates) and UKM FSK students (Young Budding Scientist). This innovation idea will focus on health sciences for community wellness. The students will the pitch their idea on the last day of the camp and they will have opportunity to pitch their idea at our Innovation Colloquium in November 2018.

Activity 6

Exhibition & Show case outreach during NSC 2018, Pulau Pinang State level

Members: Dr Asrulnizam, Dr Chew Bee Lyn, Dr Zanovia Lockman

This activity was attended by 100 participants with the aim to expose to high school students importance on biodiversity, plant tissue culture and stem implementation in embedded system engineering in drone and wearable technology application

During NSC Pulau Pinang state level, 3 booths from Young Scientist Network were involved with a amazing showcase. This showcase exposed to a student from nature of biodiversity towards to future technology on embedded system engineering by implementing drone and wearable technology. The detail showcase as follows:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asrulnizam Abd Manaf (member) from Collaborative Microelectronic Design Excellence Center (CEDEC). Student was exposed to:

  • Exploration hands on for embedded system engineering integrated with drone technology for real time measurement application
  • Exposure to electronic skin and biosensor technology which implemented as a smart thermometer toward a smart bandage technology

Dr Chew Bee Lyn (member) from School of Science Biology. Student was introduced to:

  • Plant tissue culture with showcased on how plants/crops for food production is produced via plant tissue culture
  • Tissue culture example such as pineapple, lemon and strawberry
  • Students were given opportunity to perform simple culture steps in a basic media as a brief exposure to plant tissue culture

Dr Nik Fadzly Bin Nik Rosely from School of Science Biology. This booth give a showcase:

  • Exploration on biodiversity and orang utan/primate bule

Exposed to handmade craft from nature and importance on biodiversity. This exhibition gave motivation and interest for high school student importance on fundamental science in exploration toward to creation of future technology in improving quality life. Student was given hands on plant tissue culture flow and basic programming in control drone flight as a good experienced to them. Students to inquire more about YSN, hence making it more visible among the crowd.

Activity 7

Unimakers Northern Region Boot Camp 2018

The aim of this activity is to expose participants of UNIMAKERS 2018 competition to:

  1. Smart manufacturing delivered speaker from Intel Corporation
  2. Digital Healthcare delivered by Dr Ariffin from HUSM
  3. Business model delivered by Director of Entrepreneurship Center USM
  4. Presentation and soft skill delivered by CREST

UNIMAKER 2018 competition open to all undergraduates and postgraduates student from IHLs in Malaysia. They will be given a task to innovate a prototype align to digital heath care or tourism or agriculture or smart manufacturing. Final competition will be held on 21st September. Thus, as preparation for final unimaker northern region competition, 2 days bootcamp was held on 21-22 July 2018. For northern region, participants were from USM, UITM Penang, UUM, UNIMAP, UTAR, UTP and UNIKL Kulim. During a bootcamp, participants were exposed to knowledge and skill in:

  1. Implementation on IOT and IR 4.0 technology in innovate a smart system for digital healthcare, tourism and agriculture industrial.
  2. Strategic planning in business model
  3. Critical thinking to create a new idea related to innovation
  4. Soft skill presentation and team work.

Students were given exposure on critical thinking, engineering and technology skill in IOT and business model setup. During a project brainstorming, students was facilitated by YSN member then exposed on importance on fundamental  on STEM skill in create a new innovation and how the role of YSN-ASM, hence making it more visible among the crowd.

Activity 8

APTJSO Outreach

This outreach event was conducted in collaboration with the APTJSO (ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey 2018) event final at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Various teams showcased their exhibits and interactive hands on experiments.

Activity 9:

Young Makers Program

The aim of the activity is to stimulate students interest and drive passion towards STEM by creation of innovators skill & culture Inculcate STEM education through innovators mindset, skillset & culture towards research and innovation Develop technical skills & creative mindsets through hands-on activities and experiential learning

Young Makers Program designed for the high school students to stimulate students interest and drive passion towards STEM by creation of innovators skill & cultures as well as inculcate STEM education through innovators mindset, skillset & culture towards research and innovation. This program exposed the student about Internet of Things (IOT) project as engineering track and chemical sciences as a science track. This program also successfully funded by Boston Scientific. Activity program as follows:

  1. Basic electronic workshop by using electronic kit modules by School of Physic,USM
  2. Fundamental of science laboratory using Microsci-lab by School of Chemical Science, USM
  3. Internet of Things workshop using Arduino kit by YSN-ASM (CEDEC-USM)
  4. Industrial visit to Boston Scientific
  5. Academic visit to Penang Science Cluster

Closing ceremony was done by CEO ASM, Pn Hazami Habib. Top 2 winners will get sponsor by ASM to join SAKURA Science High School Program at Japan.

Activity 10


UNIMAKER 2018 competition open to all undergraduates and postgraduates student from IHLs in Malaysia. They will be given a task to innovate a prototype align to digital heath care or tourism or agriculture or smart manufacturing. Final competition will be held on 22nd September 2018. During the final competition, STEM workshop, robotic exhibition and final project exhibition were held for participants. Activity as follows:

  1. 3D printing workshop by IME
  2. Flexible and stretchable electronic by YSN-ASM (CEDEC,USM)
  3. Workshop on CANSAT fabrication by Aerospace Engineering, USM.

Closing officiate ceremony by Prof Dr Arham Abdullah from Ministry of Education Malaysia. The winner for northern region from USM with innovation project “make Malaysia road safety”. This innovation is integration between IOT and Artificial Intelligent (AI). Top 5 winner from norther region will compete at national level UNIMAKER MAKEATHON on 24-25th November 2018.

Activity 11

KL International Science Fair

The KL International Science Fair was conducted in Mines Exhibition Centre from 1-3rd November 2018 and YSN booths involved 6 teams of scientist from various university. We received an overwhelming 10 000 participants with age ranging from 4-17 years old who were introduced to hands on interactive experiment. Briefly, our YSN exhibits involves Magic of Mushroom by Yee Shin’s team, Science @ Home by Razinah’s team, Aeronautical engineering by Hanafi’s team, Engineering themes by Hanna and Wan Azlina’s team and Physics team by Faizal from UKM. This event considered a success due to all effort by YSN team members and affiliates who put strong effort in organizing these live experiments.

Activity 12:

Penang International Science Fair

The Penang International Science Fair was in Penang SPICE Arena from 10th-11th November 2018. We received an overwhelming response from approximately 1000 participants with age ranging from 5 years old to 15 years old who were introduced to hands-on experiments from different fields of science. Briefly, they were taught the concept of acid and base using microscale technique. They also learned how to construct DIY batteries and hydrogen cells using soil and wires. The students had fun discovering the fun side of using household items to understand the concepts of water density and oxidization among many others. Young students (aged 7-15) were given the opportunity to perform simple cultures of lemon and fig leaves whereas students above 16 were guided to perform pollen and egg cell culture from the hibiscus flower. The participants also had the chance to interact with our cancer pathologist to learn how cancer is diagnosed, with the opportunity to learn about cancer from real preserved malignant tumour specimens. They also learned to extract DNA from bananas and learned about the basic building blocks in the human body! This event was a success due to all the effort put in by the affiliates and members of YSN-ASM from USM.

Activity 13:

 Jr Scientist

Jr Scientist is a continuation from Kem Hero Sihat conducted in July 2018 where schools were invited to present their prototype and innovation. It is held on 21 November 2018 in conjunction with Hari Gema Ilmu UKM and involve 150 students for the colloquium and more than 1000 students that attended the whole day event.

Theme: Innovation in Health Sciences for Environment and Society Wellbeing

SMJK Chan Wa successfully grab best presenter award and best innovator award with their innovation that used banana peel for edible food packaging. We hope that this event will get more publicity and will be more impactful in years to come. Thank you to all YSN team members and affiliates who were involved as judges and give scientific input to all prototype presented during the event.

Activity 14 :

Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX41)

The aim of this activity is to inspire students’ involvement in creative and innovative activities as part of extending the innovative science culture towards the surrounding community.

SEDEX41 Science Outreach STEM Exhibition is open to university, secondary, primary school students or younger children. It consists of science challenge, prototype development and hands-on activities such as making a lava lamp, build a catapult, spaghetti tower challenge, balloon boarding, design a green energy car/boat, construct geodesic domes and volcano.

  1. Lava lamp – A showcase of fun and interactive science, dealing with density of fluids. Students will be able to observe that lighter components will float. However, when a fizzy tablet is added, the dissolved tablet produces gas which is lighter and floats to the top, bringing the heavier component to the top with it. When the air is released, the heavier component will sink. This is repeated until the tablet is fully dissolved.
  2. Build a catapult – An activity to demonstrate the first law of thermodynamics. When tension is applied to the arm of the catapult, potential energy is stored. When the tension is released, energy is transformed from potential to kinetic energy. Students will have the opportunity to try and evaluate the success of their catapult by launching a ping-pong ball on a given target.
  3. Balloon boarding – Hands-on demonstration of the power of balloons. When a person puts his entire weight on one balloon, all of the pressure is concentrated on a small area, which results in the balloon bursting. When the person’s weight is distributed over several balloons, the balloons do not burst as the pressure is spread over a large area. The challenge was to stand maximum amount of load on the balloons without bursting.
  4. Green energy car and boat race – Balloon powered car and chemically powered boat race to explore an alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. Students constructed e-car and boat to be able to travel over certain distances. Use of Newton’s Third Law, in which when object A pushes object B, the same amount of force is pushed back onto the object. The force of air leaving the balloon pushes the car forward. Reaction between vinegar and baking soda produces carbon dioxide gas which propels the boat forward.
  5. Geodesic dome and volcano – A geodesic dome is a hemispherical shell structure based on polyhedron. Its triangular elements of construction provide a rigid structure and evenly distribute the stress throughout the structure This makes the dome able to withstand heavy loads for their size.
  6. Educational video – Educational science videos were played in the booth including “What if you had the strength of a superhero?”, “What if time travel was possible?” and many more.


  • Asrulnizam (USM)
  • Lee Hooi Ling (USM)
  • Lim Jit Kang (USM)
  • Zainovia Lockman (USM)
  • Chew Bee Lynn (USM)
  • Oh Pei Ching (UTP)
  • Wan Fatma (USM)
  • Tan Choo Hock (UM)
  • Lee Tze Yan (UPM)
  • Shawn Kheng Teck Ee (Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre)
  • Siti Fathiah Masre (UKM)
  • Hanis Mastura Yahya (UKM)
  • Yap Wing Fen (UPM)
  • Kenny Voon (IMU)
  • Nadiah Ghazalli (Perdana University)
  • Nur Faeza Abu Kassim (USM)
  • Hanafi Azmi (IIUM)
  • Wan Azlina Wan Abdul Karim (UPM)
  • Tan Yee Shin (UM)
  • Phan Chia Wei (UM)
  • Mohana Sundaram Muthuvalu (UTP)
  • Sumathi Sethupathi (UTAR)
  • Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mohtar (UKM)
  • Huda Abdullah (UKM)
  • Sukor Su’ait (UKM)
  • Lim Seng Joe (UKM)