Affiliate Membership Application

Criteria for affiliateship

  • Selection criteria
    • Open to anyone aged 40 years old and below
    • Malaysians and non-Malaysians
    • Nominated by a current YSN-ASM member
    • Subject to YSN-ASM Exco approval
  • Membership benefits
    • Increase networking and collaborations among distinguished young scientists of Malaysia and abroad.
    • Able to play a role in shaping the future of science, and voice changes for science policies.
    • Recognition for excellence and distinguished achievement, and as a prestigious award.
    • Subsidiary for events organized by ASM.
    • Access to ASM’s and affiliated centralized facilities.
  • Specific Guidelines:
    1. The nominator should ensure that the potential affiliate is aware of the vision and ethos of YSN-ASM.
    2. The nominator is encouraged to engage the potential affiliate in YSN-ASM activities prior to application submission to ensure that the potential affiliate is interested to contribute and be part of YSN-ASM.
    3. The nominator must complete Section 4 of the Application Form for New Affiliates.
    4. The nominator must be able to detail the plan to engage the affiliate in YSN-ASM.
    5. The nominator will take up the responsibility as the mentor for the affiliate once the application has been approved by the YSN-ASM Exco.
    6. After one year as a YSN-ASM affiliate, he/she is required to submit a brief activity report .The YSN-ASM Exco will then decide on the extension of affiliateship (1+2 years term).
    7. Full time students are not encouraged to apply.
    8. Applications are open all year round, but the application deadlines are on the 20th April and 20th September every year.
    9. The outcome of the applications will only be announced in May and October every year.
    10. There is no limit on the number of affiliates that a member can nominate in a year.

    Download the affiliate application form here.