Affiliate Membership Application

Criteria for affiliateship

Selection criteria

  • Open to anyone aged 45 years old and below (Age Limit: Maximum 44 years old at the time of application)
  • Malaysians and non-Malaysians
  • Preferably PhD or an equivalent degree in natural and physical sciences or Open to industry scientist (without PhD but relevant background)
  • Nominated by a current YSN-ASM member
  • Subject to YSN-ASM Exco approval

Membership benefits

    • Increase networking and collaborations among distinguished young scientists of Malaysia and abroad.
    • Able to play a role in shaping the future of science, and voice changes for science policies.
    • Recognition for excellence and distinguished achievement, and as a prestigious award.
    • Subsidiary for events organized by ASM.
    • Access to ASM’s and affiliated centralized facilities.

Specific Guidelines:

  • The nominator should ensure that the potential affiliate is aware of the vision and ethos of YSN-ASM.
  • The nominator is encouraged to engage the potential affiliate in YSN-ASM activities prior to application submission to ensure that the potential affiliate is interested to contribute and be part of YSN-ASM.
  • The nominator must complete Section 4 of the Application Form for New Affiliates.
  • The nominator must be able to detail the plan to engage the affiliate in YSN-ASM.
  • The nominator will take up the responsibility as the mentor for the affiliate once the application has been approved by the YSN-ASM Exco.
  • After one year as a YSN-ASM affiliate, he/she is required to submit a brief activity report .The YSN-ASM Exco will then decide on the extension of affiliateship (1+2 years term).
  • Full time students are not encouraged to apply.
  • Applications are open all year round, but the application deadlines are on the 20th April and 20th September every year.
  • There is no limit on the number of affiliates that a member can nominate in a year.

Download the affiliate application form