Science Education

Science Education

Chair     : Associate Professor Dr Nurfadhlina Mohd Sharef

Co-chair: Dr Tan Suat Cheng


The Science Education Working Group was established in 2017.

Short-term target: Prepare YSN-ASM to be more engaged in National STEM Education through research and training in STEM education, and engagement with stakeholders of STEM Education

Mid-term target: Contribute to the improvement of STEM Education in Malaysia

Long-term target: Improve the STEM Education landscape in Malaysia and worldwide

Science Education Module: Begitulah Sang Suria and Gen: Inovasi Kehidupan

YSN-ASM Science Education Working Group is happy to share our latest publication for teachers teaching Science: Begitulah Sang Suria and Gen: Inovasi Kehidupan!
Both can be viewed at the following links and is available in Bahasa Melayu. Both are suitable for TEACHERS to carry out inquiry-related activities with their students (suitable for primary and secondary school students) as there are handouts and notes to guide teachers with activities. Click the links below!…/gen-inovasi-kehidupan/…/begitulah-sang-suria/

Under the 2018 Budget, the Malaysian government has approved RM25 mil for the establishment of the National STEM Centre, which would become a collaborative effort between KPM, KPT and MOSTI. This lab was conducted to detail out the governance, budgeting and activities for the National STEM Centre. A few YSN members and affiliates actively participated in the lab, they are Mohd Bakri Bakar, Fatin Aliah Phang, Ong Boon Hoong and Razinah Sharif. At the end of the lab, activities and budget for four core elements of the National STEM Centre were presented to the Deputy Minister of Education.Makmal Penubuhan Pusat STEM Negara

Training Workshop for IBSE Master Trainers on Climate Change Education

As YSN is tasked to develop modules for the National STEM Centre and Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) will be the key method used for the teacher training, Nurbiha A Shukor represented YSN to join the training workshop for 4 days to become the master trainer of IBSE. She received training of IBSE directly from experts from LAMAP and ISTIC. After the workshop, she will conduct short training for YSN.

TEM Module Development Workshop 1

After an agreement is reached between the National STEM Centre, KPM and ASM, YSN started the development of the STEM Module which can be used for the training of the National STEM Centre. For a start, the module will be targeting primary school STEM subjects. The first workshop was conducted at the Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB) Genting Highlands. The venue and accommodation were supported by KPM under the application of the National STEM Centre. In this first workshop, interested YSN members and affiliates gathered at IAB to learn about Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) from Nurbiha A Shukor. This was followed by a focused group discussion (FGD) conducted among 4 practicing IBSE teachers. This FGD aimed to identify the challenges in conducting IBSE and how YSN can help. The analysis of the FGD concluded that IBSE teachers need helps in strengthening their STEM content knowledge so that they can ask the right questions that can lead to the inquiry learning and exploration among the students. It is also concluded that, teachers need ideas and materials in Malay language on how to conduct the IBSE lessons.

On the second day of the workshop, the focus was to plan the module development. After some lengthy discussion, it was decided that emerging technologies will become the theme of the STEM modules. For a start, Solar Cell and Gene Editing will be the titles of the modules that will be linked to the primary STEM subjects syllabus. The Solar Cell module will be led by Suhaila Sepeai while the Gene Editing module will be led by Chan Kok Meng. All the participants of the modules were tasked to develop the contents in Malay language before the next workshop.

STEM Module Development Workshop 2

Following the success of the first workshop, the second workshop aims to continue with the development of the modules. Datuk Dr Sharifah Maimunah Syed Zin, FASc. was invited to provide comments on the draft of the modules and explain further the essence of IBSE as well as the journey of ISTIC in developing IBSE modules. The session assures the YSN STEM module development teams that they are on the right direction in developing the STEM modules. Story lines, contents and learning activities were developed during this workshop. A draft module on Solar Energy will be readied for viewing and comments by YSN members at the 2018 YSN Colloquium.


  • Haslenda Hashim
  • Mimi Haryani Hashim
  • Afnizanfaizal Abdullah
  • Noor Syamilah Zakaria
  • Razinah Sharif
  • Nurbiha A Shukor
  • Mas Jaffri Masarudin
  • Nur Faeza Abu Kassim
  • Ooi Ghee Chien
  • Nor Farahwahidah Abd Rahman