Research Synergy

Research Synergy

Chair     : Professor Ir. Dr. Denny Kok Sum Ng

Co-chair: Dr Vanitha Mariappan


This working group focuses on neutering connectivity between researchers with national and international scientific communities. This includes promote collaboration, enable the exchange of knowledge and working cultures. The aim is to ensure that the scientific communities are working collectively to solve the common problems more effectively. It also serves to promote the inclusiveness and representation of YSN on international platforms.

Activities Overview (2021)

Succeeding in Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration [Webinar]

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference (2019-2020)

The aim of this inaugural ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference is to create a platform for researchers from the ASEAN region and the ASEAN research diaspora to drive research excellence in the region. The specific objectives of the ASEAN Emerging Research Conference include to:

  • Enhance interdisciplinary knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration between scientists from the ASEAN region and its research diaspora;
  • Identify emerging research niches/areas that the ASEAN research community should champion to address local needs and global challenges;
  • Develop strategies to enhance the capacity and access to resources to harness the potential of the ASEAN research community;
  • Promote sustainable research leadership amongst emerging researchers in the ASEAN region.



  • Adjunct Professor Dr. Ng Sing Muk
  • Mohd Bakri
  • Prof. Ir. Dr. Ang Bee Chin
  • Phan Chia Wei
  • Mai Chun-Wai
  • Pasupuleti Visweswara Rao
  • Ooi Ghee Chien
  • Baharuddin Ibrahim
  • Assistant Prof. Dr. Loh Jiun Yan
  • Tee Kok Keng
  • Mohd Firdaus Abd. Wahab
  • Sheela Chandren
  • Prof. Dr. Faye Chong