Science Integrity

Science Integrity

Chair     : Dr. Chau De Ming

Co-chair: A/P Dr. Thahira Begum


2018 has been a very fruitful year for the Science Integrity Working Group. This working group would like to thank everyone for their support that is so crucial for the success of this working group. This working group will not be where it is without all the supporters and partners such as YSN-ASM members and affiliates, ASM leadership and staff, as well as various institutions, universities and organisations.


February 2018

Regional Conference to Promote Safe and Secure Science

This conference, which was held at Sunway University, was jointly organised by ASM, YSN-ASM, and U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. More than 100 international and local participants from more than 10 countries attended this conference to share their experience in promoting safe and secure science.

YSN-ASM conducted 4 parallel Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) workshops during this conference. 12 YSN members and affiliates led these workshops and they were Thahira Begum, Abhi Veerakumarasivam, Norhayati Abdullah, Mohd Ghows Mohd Azzam, Sarah Othman, Ong Boon Hoong, Tan Yee Shin, Manraj Singh Cheema, Chai Lay Ching, Faizatul Lela Jafar, Chan Soon Choy and Chau De Ming. These YSN members and affiliates were also supported by 4 international facilitators. The participants included both senior and junior (early career) scientists. The feedback obtained was very positive


Launch of the Malaysian Educational Module on RCR

The Malaysian Educational Module on RCR, which took almost 2 years to produce, was officially launched during the Regional Conference to Promote Safe and Secure Science. This grand launching ceremony was attended by more than 300 people including numerous dignitaries and esteemed scientists and researchers in Malaysia.


Asia-Pacific Research Integrity (APRI) Network Meeting

Chai Lay Ching and Chau De Ming were awarded travel grants to attend this meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. Both of them talked about the YSN-ASM RCR Programme and shared the Malaysian experience with many RCR experts in this region, including those from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Korea and Thailand. One of the major outcomes of this meeting is that other countries in this region took notice of the Malaysia’s Young Scientists’ effort in promoting RCR and gave recognition to the novelty of the bottom-up approach.


April 2018

YSN-ASM RCR Workshop

The YSN Science Integrity Committee organised the first national workshop of 2018 in collaboration with Akademi Kepimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi (AKEPT). This workshop was held at AKEPT and was attended by more than 60 participants from various institutes in Malaysia. All 10 topics in the Malaysian Educational Module on RCR were discussed during this workshop. Several YSN-ASM members and affiliates either co-led or facilitated the discussions as part of their training to become a YSN-ASM-certified RCR instructor. A pre- and post-workshop survey was conducted to evaluate the knowledge and attitude of the participants on RCR.


June 2018

RCR Active Learning Workshop – Training of Instructors

The working group organised a one-day workshop to equip researchers with deeper knowledge and appreciate for the Active Learning Pedagogy, which is at the core of the YSN-ASM RCR Educational programme. More than 10 participants took part in this workshop; they learned about the philosophy and theories behind Active Learning and were given the opportunity to immediately apply the Active Learning pedagogy to design a fun and simple class.


September 2018

YSN-ASM RCR Workshop

The YSN Science Integrity Committee organised the second national workshop this month and it was once again in collaboration with AKEPT.  Just like the first workshop held in April, around 60 participants from various public and private institutes in Malaysia attended this workshop and all 10 topics in the Malaysian Educational Module on RCR were discussed. YSN-ASM members and affiliates who were going through their training to become YSN-ASM-certified RCR instructors were joined by other new members and affiliates. Together, these members and affiliates took an active role as co-leaders or facilitators at this workshop. A pre- and post-workshop survey was conducted to evaluate the knowledge and attitude of the participants on RCR.


October and November 2018

APEC Guiding Principles for Research Integrity Project

In October, Dr. Daniel Barr from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) visited Malaysia to engage various stakeholders to talk about the APEC Guiding Principles for Research Integrity Project which he is leading with Dr. Paul Taylor, also from RMIT. This project is fully funded by the Australian government. While in Malaysia, Dr. Paul met Mdm. Hazami Habib, CEO of ASM, Dr. Ramzah Dambul, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, and Professor Raha Abdul Rahim (Pengarah, Bahagian Perancangan Kecemerlangan IPT, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia). As a result of these meetings, Chau De Ming and Prof. Raha were invited to attend the APEC Guiding Principles for Research Integrity Workshop, which was held in November in Tokyo, Japan. This workshop was led by Drs. Paul Taylor and Daniel Barr. The workshop was part of a series of activities to develop a set of guiding principles for research integrity for researchers in APEC. Consensus was built during this workshop to select a set of principles on research integrity. This workshop also provided important networking and learning opportunities for the Malaysian delegates.


December 2018

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference

This conference was held over two days at Sunway University and saw a participation of over 200 researchers from Malaysia, ASEAN region and greater region around ASEAN. On the second day, a 1.5-hour workshop on RCR was conducted by Chau Deming and Chai Lay Ching and close to 20 participants attended this workshop.


In addition to these activities, many YSN-ASM members and affiliates also conducted RCR workshops at their respective institutes such as UTAR, UMT, USM, UTM, UMK, and UPM. Currently, the Science Integrity Working Group is collaborating with the National Committee on Research Integrity, which is led by Senior Professor Dato’ Dr. Khalid Yusoff,  to develop an educational curriculum to teach the Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research.


All the activities mentioned above would not have happened without the strong support of many people. We would like to especially thank Abhi Veerakumarasivam for his inspiring leadership of YSN-ASM. We also want to thank Mdm. Hazami Habib, CEO of ASM, for her continuous support of all the initiatives under this working group. Finally, we want to thank Professor Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail, President of ASM, for believing in the RCR programme and supporting this programme.