Science Communication

Science Communication

Chair     : Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr Rosdiadee Nordin (UKM)

Co-chair: Shawn Keng Teck Ee (Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre)



Science communication working group aims to empower scientists to be better science communicators, by providing platforms (talks, article columns, etc.) and training for science writing and public speaking.


Activities overview

1.0 Suara Saintis Muda column

·       Pengganggu Endokrin

·       Burung Hantu

·       Rawatan Kanser

·       Puasa Alternatif

·       Melestarikan Alam

·       Jaringan Antarabangsa

·       Menelusuri Minda Nobel


15 Feb

6 Apr

2 May

23 May

3 Jul

14 Aug

19 Sep


7 articles published

Majalah Sains

Sarva Mangala

Puan Chong Leong

Oon Chern Ein

Razinah Sharif

Mohd Bakri Bakar

Fatin Aliah Phang

Mohd Ghows Azzam

2.1 Science Café KL

·       Mystical Mushroom

·       Connect Cow Wireless

·       Owl Stories

·       Venomous Snakes


10 Jan

14 Mar

13 Jun

10 Oct


The Bee, Publika KL

The Bee & Liuyi

Tan Yee Shin

Rosdiadee Nordin

Puan Chong Leong

Tan Choo Hock

2.2 Science Café JB

·       Rise of Machines

·       Drones


3 Apr

25 Apr


Al Hayfa Arabic Restaurant


Zaid Omar


  ·       Psychology of Body 11 Jul Roost Cafe Andreas Kalckert
  ·       Green Campus IEBOT 21 Nov UTM Hasrul Akhmal
2.3 Science@Mamak Penang

·       Penang Monkeys


31 Mar


Khaleel DP


Jo Leen

3.0 Postgraduate Manuscript Writing Clinic 2nd & 4th Thurs UPM NA
4.0 3-Minute Thesis Training 25 Jan UPM Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences UPM
5.0 Science Journalism Workshop 20 Feb UKM Faculty of Health Sciences UKM
6.0 3-Minute Thesis Competition Coaching by Jaysuman

·       Fac. of Mechanical Eng.

·       UPSI

·       Fac. of Civil Eng



8 Mar

9 Mar

22 Mar








Zaid Omar & UTM



7.0 Publication Workshop 10 Jul UKM Graduate Centre UKM
8.0 Public Speaking Workshop 14 – 16 Aug INTAN INTAN
9.0 Falling Walls Lab Coaching 14 Aug AIMST University Falling Walls
10.0 Mini Science Communication Workshop 22 Nov PSN SciFest National Science Centre


Activity 1

  • Suara Saintis Muda is a dedicated news column to share experiences and insights about the life of a young scientist in Malaysia. Unlike formal news, this column offers column readers a casual and more people’s perspective into the life and times of scientist behind the science discovery.
  • Link to full archive:


Activity 2

  • Science Café is a public talk series held in three cities – Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Georgetown, Penang. In KL, café sessions are held monthly on 2nd Wednesday of the month, while JB and Penang are held on ad-hoc basis. YSN members and affiliates are given an opportunity to share their research findings to a non-expert audience, particularly working adults, students and families residing in respective cities. The casual environment also enables engaging discussion between the speaker and audience.
  • Science Café is organised internationally across various countries. This concept for casual science talk in hipster café or pub has been effective in capturing a fan base, while engaging a unique non-expert audience. Furthermore, it is a learning experience for YSN members and affiliates as speakers themselves – to step out of their lecture comfort mode.
  • Newspaper interview about Science Café KL: Click here 
  • Facebook page
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Activity 3

  • Manuscript Writing Clinic assists and guides postgraduate students to write a proper and competent scientific article based on their research data through a personal and customised approach until getting published.
  • Several series of the manuscript clinic are conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr Rajesh on an individual basis. Since the time and effort took to guide the postgraduate students from the very basic construction of the manuscript frame until the last end of the publication, only 4 manuscripts are considered for this term. Among the selected four manuscripts, one manuscript has been submitted for the publication and the remaining three manuscripts are in the midst of preparation for submission. Each manuscript requires 4-6 sessions.


Activity 4

  • 3-Minute Thesis Training is open for contestants of UPM 3-Minute Thesis Contest from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPM on 25th January, 2018.
  • Speakers include Dr Umaiyal, Shawn Keng and Jeff Ng (invited trainer from UM Toastmasters Club) and supported by Dr Deming and Dr Tham.
  • Public speaking know-how and techniques are well received by contestants and they benefited a lot from the peer evaluation sessions, as they prepare themselves for the university-level finals.
  • A series of 3-Minute Thesis Competition Coaching are conducted by Dr Jaysuman in UTM.
  • UPSI invited Dr Jaysuman for an intensive coaching session for UPSI’s PhD candidates. UPSI secured 3rd placing at the national level for the first time in history.
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Activity 5

  • Science Journalism Workshop is jointly organised by Faculty of Allied Science UKM and YSN-ASM on 20th February, 2018.
  • Activities commence with sharing of experiences as an editor and a writer of popular science articles since 2009, a short lecture on science journalism and conclude with a 3-hour workshop for the participants to prepare a short popular science article with personal coaching from all facilitator.
  • The respondents appreciate the need to communicate science to the public; and they understand the essential skills and ‘ingredients’ to write interesting popular science articles. Two articles from this workshop have been published in Majalah Sains.
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Activity 6

  • Lecture on Publication helps early career researchers and postgraduate students to understand the necessary tools and negotiation skills needed at the last critical phase of the academic writing, which is addressing the concerns and feedback from the editor and reviewer.
  • This public lecture on academic writing is delivered by Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr Rosdiadee Nordin and jointly organised by YSN-ASM and Graduate Centre UKM on 10th July, 2018.
  • The researchers have better understanding on how to deal with the manuscript revision process and how to properly address the editorial review, which increase the chance of acceptance in prestigious academic journals.
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Activity 7

  • Public Speaking Workshop at INTAN is a unique opportunity to apply universal public speaking skills from science communication, in order to train novice and experienced speakers whom are government officers contesting in INTAN’s inaugural “Talk Your Way to the Top” Contest.
  • This workshop module gathers inputs from FameLab World Champions, National Champion and international debater, covering an extensive range of topics including:
    • Vocal warm-up exercises by Dr Umaiyal;
    • Manner, matter and method by Danial Abdul Rahman;
    • Body language by Dr Zaid Omar;
    • Style and persona by Dr Siti Khayriyyah;
    • Argumentative matter speech by Danial and Dr Zaid;
    • Audience profiling by Prof Abhi;
    • Rhetoric and art of persuasion by Shawn;
    • Use of analogies by Shawn;
    • Peer evaluation conducted by all facilitators, including Dr Deming;
    • English pronunciation by INTAN.
  • This 2-day workshop on 14th & 15th August 2018, ended with 30 semi-finalists competing on 16th August 2018. Shawn and Umaiyal acted as judges for semi-finals.

Prof Abhi was invited as contest judge for the finals on 3rd September 2018. Sincere appreciation to all speakers, facilitators and module content contributors above.

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Activity 8

  • Falling Walls Lab Coaching offers contestant to pitch their science innovation to solve a pressing problem. As the finalist for Falling Walls Lab, Berlin Germany 2017, Dr Jaysuman conducted a special coaching session for 21 participants from across the country at AIMST University.
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Activity 9

  • Mini Science Communication Workshop titled “Everyone Can Be A Science Communicator” aims to inspire the public to be scientifically inquisitive and engaged in science happenings. School students and general public visiting the National Science Centre SciFest 2018 participated in this workshop, held on 22nd November 2018 at Wonder Hub, Level 3, National Science Centre Malaysia.



  • Dr Carmen Goh (Green Plant)
  • Dr Eddie Chia Suet Lin (UPM)
  • Dr Jaysuman Pusppanathan (UTM)
  • Dr Kazuhide Shaun Okuda (University of Queensland)
  • Dr Kirti Shukla (Monash University)
  • Dr Nadiah Ghazali (Perdana University)
  • Dr Ng Siew Kit (USM)
  • Dr Ng Wei Lun (UM)
  • Prof. Dr Nik Fadzly N Rosely (USM)
  • Dr Normi Mohd Yahaya (UPM)
  • Ooi Ghee Chien (Cryocord)
  • Dr Poh Kiat Ng (MMU)
  • Prof. Dr Rajesh Ramasamy (UPM)
  • Dr Sarva Mangala Praveena (UPM)
  • Dr Shahiron Shahidan (UTHM)
  • Dr Umaiyal Munusamy (UPM)
  • Dr Ernest Mangantig (USM) – new
  • Prof. Dr Faizal Mohamed (UKM) – new
  • Dr Siti Khayriyyah Mohd Hanafiah (USM) – new
  • Dr Thaigarajan A/L Parumasivam (USM) – new
  • Dr Zaid Omar (UTM) – new