International Networking

International Networking

Chair: Ng Sing Muk

Co-chair: Pasupuleti Visweswara Rao



This working group focuses on neutering connectivity between researchers with national and international research communities. This includes promote collaboration, enable the exchange of knowledge and working cultures. The aim is to ensure that the research communities are working collectively to solve the common problems more effectively.


Activities overview

1. Seminar on “Inspirational Young Leaders” 30/11/2018 UM MoE, UM, IKM, Nanacat, Akept,
2. ASEAN Young Researchers Emerging Conference 3-4/12/2018 Sunway University Cambridge Society Malaysia Society, Wolfson College Cambridge, Sunway University


Activity 1

  • This is a seminar and sharing session with two speakers which is Dr Juan Joon Ching and Dr Chai Lay Ching which are the recipient of National Young Scientist and Women Loreal Award.

7 lecturers from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung along with10 lecturers from Universiti Awam and Politeknik to attend this seminar.

international pic 1

Dr Juan giving his inspirational talk

international pic 2

Dr Chai sharing her via regarding the topic on women in science


Activity 2

ASEAN Young Researchers Emerging Conference

The conference is co-organized by Sunway University, YSN-ASM, Wolfson College Cambridge, Cambridge University Malaysia Society, and Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.
Total of 150 participants presented during the conference involving various themes. This conference is one of a kind that involve rsearchers from ASEAN countries working and collaborating together in one platform. The most exciting part is when every group pitch their ideas for ASEAN Grand Challenges involving representatives from different countries and region solving one issue.
Another highlight is that this is the only conference that merged various themes focusing on sustainable developmental goals. Presentations coming from health sciences, engineering, emerging technologies and social sciences including linguistics and architecture were engaging and led to fruitful discussion.
international pic 3

The winner of the grand ASEAN challenge


international pic 4

Forum at the conference

international pic 5

Representatives from all ASEAN State members




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Phan Chia Wei

Ang Bee Chin